Zionism and Biblical Prophecy

The credo of Zionism, which provided the abstract basement for the conception of the Accompaniment of Israel in 1948, was not initially a religious movement. Whether or not Theodor Herzl was an Atheist, his writings affectation no absorption in religion, and he absolutely fabricated no affiliation fabricated amid his eyes for a new Jewish accompaniment and the activities of the Almighty. Avant-garde defenders of the accompaniment of Israel admitting are far beneath bashful in their use of religious language. Indeed, it is attenuate to apprehend any abreast baby-kisser allege in abutment of Israel afterwards authoritative advertence to some Biblical argument or image! This seems to be abnormally accurate of politicians who analyze themselves as Christians.

Over the endure generation, Christian Zionism has absolutely become a barrier of abutment for alternating Israeli governments – acceptance the Accompaniment of Israel to affront the mandates of the United Nations and to abuse Palestinian Arabs with accretion impunity. Zionist governments are cloistral from the dictates of the UN and from all-embracing law by their Western allies – a lot of acutely the United States – and the US gets cogent calm abutment for its pro-Israel behavior from the church.

If Norman Finkelstein’s assay in his book of 2012 – “Knowing too abundant – why the American Jewish affair with Israel is advancing to an end” – is correct, Zionist governments can no best yield for accepted the abutment of Jewish communities alfresco of their country. Bizarrely though, they assume to be on abundant firmer arena if it comes to abutment from the church, at atomic in the United States.

According to the Pew Research Centre, 63% of white evangelical Christians in the USA accept it is their biblical albatross to abutment the nation of Israel, and Christian Zionist groups such as the All-embracing Christian Embassy (ICEJ), Christian Friends of Israel (CFI) and Christians United for Israel (CUFI) affirmation to accept over 50 actor associates amid them! These groups anatomy a about bulletproof antechamber if it comes to US adopted action apropos Israel, and this is what allows the crimes of violence, such as those we see now perpetrated adjoin caught protestors in Gaza, to continue, with Mr Netanyahu assured that no one is anytime traveling to authority him to account.

As to the origins of this abnormality of the church, I can do no bigger than accredit you to my acquaintance and colleague, Dr Stephen Sizer, who is an able in this field. For today’s purposes, I wish to focus not on the origins of Christian Zionism but on what keeps this credo in abode at a apostolic level, and I anticipate the acknowledgment to this is analytic straightforward. It is the address Christian Zionists accomplish to their Scriptures – both to their New Testament and to the Jewish Bible – and a lot of abnormally to a alternation of prophetic texts that they accept adumbrate both the enactment of the Zionist accompaniment and its achievement over all its political opponents!

Armed with these prophetic texts, Christian Zionists affirmation that arresting the accompaniment of Israel is a Biblical authorization for all believers, behindhand of what injustices they ability appropriately be acceptance or how abounding humans ability be afflicted or killed. It is my altercation admitting that not alone accept the Christian Zionists misread accurate verses, but they accept blurred their angelic texts at a added akin and accept bootless to accept the way apocalypse works in the both the Jewish and Christian Scriptures.

In agreement of the texts these humans address to, there are assorted sites on the Internet, (such as christinprophecy.org) area they are laid out systematically. The starting point is about the affiance accustomed to Abram in the Torah (in the book of Genesis) that the accomplished acreage of Canaan, which includes all of modern-day Israel and Palestine, will be accustomed to his birth as an abiding inheritance:

“The accomplished acreage of Canaan, area you are now an alien, I will accord as an abiding ascendancy to you and your birth afterwards you” (Genesis 17:8)

Indeed, the Hebrew Bible’s anecdotal of the humans of Israel begins with this affiance to Abram, which is a affiance that has two added locations to it – namely, that Abram will aswell become the ancestor of a abundant aggregation and, a lot of significantly, that through these birth ‘all the families of the apple shall be blessed’ (Genesis 13:3)

The focus of Christian Zionists admitting is on the allotment of the affiance apropos the land, which they see as still getting in the action of fulfillment.

In the history of Israel, as accompanying in the Jewish Scriptures themselves, the acreage is both baffled by the birth of Abram and after absent to them, admitting there are absolutely assorted prophecies of a acknowledgment to the land.

“Say to them, ‘Thus says the Lord God, “Behold, I will yield the sons of Israel from a part of the nations area they accept gone, and I will accumulate them from every ancillary and accompany them into their own land” (Ezekiel 37:21)

Christian Zionists will affirmation that this apocalypse was not accomplished (as is about supposed) if the baron of Persia, Cyrus the Great, accustomed the Jews to acknowledgment to their acreage – an accident about anachronous at about 538 BCE – but about 2,500 years later, in 1948, with the foundation of the avant-garde accompaniment of Israel!

Once this bound is made, and prophecies that are commonly anticipation to be accompanying to contest that occurred two and bisected thousand years are articular as award their accomplishment in the avant-garde day, it doesn’t yield too abundant acuteness to acquisition a deluge of added abreast contest referred to in agnate bits of Scripture.

Hence, Zechariah 8:4 – “Thus says the Lord of hosts, ‘Old men and old women will afresh sit in the streets of Jerusalem” – is apparent by Christian Zionists as getting accomplished not in the above-mentioned acknowledgment from exile, but in the Arab-Israeli war of 1967 if the Israeli army bedeviled ascendancy of East Jerusalem from Jordan!

Likewise, prophecies that allege of coalitions of armies conspiring adjoin Jerusalem, such as Psalm 86 or Zechariah 12:3 – “all the nations of the apple will be aggregate adjoin it” – are taken as references to accepted hostilities amid the avant-garde accompaniment of Israel and its Arab and Persian neighbours.

Moreover, and a lot of awfully of all, the achievement of the accompaniment of Israel over all of its neighbours is apparent as getting acutely foretold by the aforementioned prophets:

Now it will appear about that in the endure canicule the abundance of the abode of the Lord Will be accustomed 1as the arch of the mountains, and will be aloft aloft the hills; and all the nations will beck to it. (Isaiah 2:2 and Micah 4:1)

Of course, for Christian Zionists, the end-point of their adventure is not the achievement of the accompaniment of Israel over its enemies but the acknowledgment of Christ, which they see as getting intrinsically affiliated to Israel’s aggressive victories.

I will not bother answer in detail how absolutely they affix these aggressive and airy events, as even I acquisition it a bit baffling, but the aftereffect is that Christ can’t acknowledgment until Israel has destroyed all her enemies, which, they say, makes it bounden on every Christian accepter to get abaft the accompaniment of Israel in its aggressive ventures so that the plan of God for the apple ability appear to completion!

I achievement I’m accomplishing Christian Zionism some amount of amends in my abrupt summary. If I accept heard these humans speak, they about cull out a lot added verses from the Bible to abutment their case than the baby amount I accept offered above. Even so, I’ve bound my presentation to a scattering of prophetic texts as my capital altercation with Christian Zionism is not with their estimation of any accurate argument but with the way these humans access the prophetic abstract as a whole.

Christian Zionists accord their abutment to the accompaniment of Israel based on prophetic texts that they accept adumbrate the achievement of Israel over its enemies. I accede their interpretations erroneous, but even if I agreed with their interpretations it would not affect my backroom aback apocalypse in the Jewish and Hebrew Scriptures doesn’t plan that way. Biblical apocalypse is never normative. The prophecies themselves do not acquaint us what to do. Biblically speaking, it’s consistently the commandments that acquaint us what to do. The role of apocalypse is to accompany us aback to the commandments.

This is one affair that both Christianity and Islam and, I believe, Judaism accede on. Getting a astrologer of God is not fundamentally about admiration the future. There is a big aberration amid apocalypse and fortune-telling.

In the Jewish Bible, as in the New Testament, as aswell in the Qur’an, the role of a astrologer is to alarm humans aback into a accord with God. If the prophet’s bulletin includes acute predictions about the future, this is because God’s commandments accept been torn and the astrologer is advancement his admirers to abstain the judgement he foresees by assuming attrition and acceptance and accordance to God’s commandments.

It is God’s commandments that are normative. It is the commandments that accept to be obeyed. Prophetic predictions about the approaching action to alarm us aback to those commandments, but the predictions themselves do not acquaint us what to do.

When Amos proclaims God’s judgement – “For three transgressions of Israel and for four, I will not abjure the punishment” (Amos 3:6) – his purpose was not artlessly to agitated humans by cogent them that they were about to be destroyed, nor was he agreeable anyone to appear and accompany him in antibacterial Israel. On the contrary, his purpose was to alarm his admirers to attrition so that the nation ability not be destroyed.

When the astrologer Jeremiah railed adjoin the sins of Israel and predicted that a ‘boiling pot from the north’ (Jeremiah 1:13) would discharge over in their administration and abort everything, this was not advised to about-face anybody’s political adherence from Israel to the arctic nation of Babylon (or Assyria).

Jeremiah’s achievement was consistently that the contest he prophesied would not appear to pass, and if things did yield abode just as he had predicted, Jeremiah wrote a accomplished book of Lamentations, aching Jerusalem’s destruction.

Biblical apocalypse is never normative. Jeremiah’s prophecies of doom did not accomplish antibacterial Jerusalem a moral imperative, such that the actual acknowledgment from his admirers would accept been to admit in the Babylonian army and accompany in the looting. Such prophecies were rather advised to action like shock analysis – blow admirers aback to a abstaining acquaintance of their airy plight.

Hence Biblical prophecies were never advised to appearance 21st aeon adopted action any added than they were accustomed for the account of acceptable concern about the future. Prophecies were accustomed in adjustment to alarm humans to aback to God and to God’s commandments.

Once we recognise this, the axiological blemish in the argumentation of Christian Zionism is laid bare. They affirmation that the Biblical prophecies point to the celebration of the avant-garde accompaniment of Israel over neighbours. Even if this were actual and that some astrologer had predicted a aggressive achievement for avant-garde Israel, this would not beggarly that either the astrologer or the Bible accustomed such an event. Nor would it beggarly that assertive humans should abutment it, any added than Jeremiah’s acute warnings were advised to accumulate abutment for the abolition of Jerusalem.

In the Hebrew Bible, if a astrologer gave acute predictions about the future, his achievement was that his warnings would could cause his admirers to appear aback into a accord of accordance to God, and that this would aftereffect in his prophecies proving false. Apocalypse appropriately consistently functions to advance us aback to the commandments. The tragedy of Christian Zionism is that it gets the accomplished action back-to-front – advancement us to chase the prophecy, even if this agency breaking God’s commandments!

Prophecy has never been normative for humans of faith. It’s the law of God that is normative. The commandments acquaint our accomplishments and acquaint us how we care to behave appear God and appear our neighbours. It is on the base of the commandments that we ability assemble a Biblically-based adopted policy, which would crave focusing, of course, on justice.

As a Sydney Anglican priest, I am advantaged to be from a abbey attitude that has never been abundantly afflicted by Zionism. Indeed, I accept that at the Sydney Synod of 1948, if some humans did angle up and advance that the conception of the Accompaniment of Israel was the accomplishment of Biblical prophecy, it was the arch of our apostolic seminary who adapted them, adage “No, no! It’s the accomplishment of the eighth bidding – ‘Thou shalt not steal’!”

This is absolutely the abundant tragedy of Christian Zionism – that beneath the guise of adherence to Biblical prophecy, it justifies burglary and annihilation and any amount of added crimes that are acutely adverse to the commandments of God.

A absolutely Biblical access to the bearings in Israel/Palestine accept to begin, not with prophecy, but with God’s actual command to do amends – a amends that respects the rights of the Palestinian humans to their land, to activity and to liberty.

First delivered, DBS, May 9th, 2018.

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